Terms & Conditions


Any & all footage obtained during filming is property of J.W.Hanalei Productions unless otherwise agreed upon before filming begins, either through verbal or written contract. Paying customers always have the right to keep any and all video clips captured for their own private usage. Any videos filmed at no charge or as a trade can be negotiated, however, if there is no negotiation on rights to footage, the footage belongs to J.W.Hanalei Productions. The customer's best interest is always in mind and no footage will ever be used or sold as slander or profit.

  1. Third party video productions do not have the right to use customer footage without the consent of both the customer & J.W.Hanalei Productions.

  2. If the customer finds their footage being used by a third party unknowingly, please contact J.W.Hanalei Productions immediately to have the matter resolved.

Refund Policy

Once filming begins, the customer no longer has the right to a refund. Exclusions may apply. Rescheduling or alternative options should be discussed first before any further action is to be taken. However, in the rare case where a refund is necessary, please allow 30-45 days for your refund to be issued.

  1. Please allow 6-8 weeks from the completion of filming for the final video edit to be completed. If the customer's final video edit is not completed within the stated time period, a refund for no more than 50% of initial payment will issued to the customer.

  2. Refunds are issued in the form of USD PayPal transfer or cash ONLY.

  3. In the case where a customer's final edit is not completed in the 6-8 week time frame stated above, J.W.Hanalei Productions guarantees a final edit will be completed. At the customer's discretion, a final edit completion date will be agreed upon by both the customer and J.W.Hanalei Productions. If the final is not completed by the date agreed upon, J.W.Hanalei Productions will issue the refund as stated above (Refund Policy; Line 1).

Incomplete Projects

In the case where an extended [multi-] video project is incomplete upon customer request, the customer relinquishes all rights to a full or partial refund. All video clips captured will be archived for no longer than six months time. Archived video clips can be sent to the customer at any time during this period upon request. After the six month period has passed, all video clips will be erased and no longer available. Incomplete projects terminated by J.W.Hanalei Productions are subject to a refund. Exclusions may apply.


Final Edits

Final edits produced by J.W.Hanalei Productions are given to the customer via Dropbox, email, or USB transfer. Any final edits that are altered by the customer, i.e., Instagram filters, music, added logo placement, etc, J.W.Hanalei Productions refuses any responsibility should the customer find their final edit unsatisfactory, under investigation, or in conflict with copyright.