My Story

     I grew up around art. My mother was an artist. She would spend hours drawing with pens, charcoal, and painting with water colors, experimenting with oil painting as well. As a young child, I quickly grew to enjoy the arts and began drawing. As a young man, heroes like Batman, Deadpool, Spawn, and Dragonball Z began to fill my sketch books exclusively. As I became older, I developed a love for Bodybuilding.

     For me, Bodybuilding was my release to fully express art in motion. The gym was my platform for creation. I was the blank page in the sketchbook and the exercises were my pencils - some having different effects than others. I was able to visualize my masterpiece and live with it everyday - developing an eye for all the minute details. Posing was my opportunity to shine and display my work as I felt it should be - giving respect to the Bodybuilders who started it all, but also to the Artists who appreciate aesthetics with balance, proportion, & symmetry displayed gracefully and powerful.

     Now, my interest with videography has grown from a hobby to being my livelihood. I want to capture people in their most graceful moments, not only in motion, but their vulnerability seen while grabbing heavy weights, before saying, "I do,", or even at that split second two people see each other and smile without moving their mouths. It's the thoughts and emotions that video can relay that motivates me. My goal with every video is to evoke emotion from my audience.